(Poem) Presence
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Autor:  Weerty [ Ut. 12. Mar 2019, 3:46 ]
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I rely on a prophecy…
it’s manifesting, opening
a portal that will always be
a fountain of my questioning?

As sand pours to the skies..
I realize my real eyes-
it hid inside my part I hide,
but now it’s finally the time

When bloodmoon came to dawn
if angels guard us, why they gone?
I hate being stuck in timeless loops
the glass is sharp… well, here I am done

I vanished through the doors of time,
then all the stars of space aligned
the spell of all spheres realized
and here I come, all synchronized

I'm trying seeing with my eye...
more than with my blinded eyes
The past gave me a lot of scars...
I am seeing through my future now's

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